Why You Should Make Your Bedroom More Personal

You might think, well it’s obvious all spaces are personal… but when transitioning from a Teenager to an Adult or from a child to a teen there’s a big difference in personal preference when it comes to your bedroom space. I thought I’d share what changing my bedroom space meant for me; giving myself luxurious vibes whilst also catering to the kind of woman I aspired to be.

When I was younger the furniture in my room was styled by my parents. I used to have a Winnie the pooh theme, obviously back then I loved it, but as I grew up I changed more and more. From the Winnie the Pooh, I then had my room changed to a more ‘grown up’ approach, which is what I thought at the time, however now I would say it still wasn’t “grown up enough”. I had bought a double bed, painted my walls from yellow and white to a darkish pink, I had white bedsheets with pink roses on them with matching curtains to go with it. From then on my room sort of stayed the same, however I had changed the curtain now to a dark purple which kept the day-light out when drawn. By the time I turned 18, I wanted a massive change. When you start to decide how to completely re-decorate your room without a push or any input from your family, you already know you’re ready to design your own living space once you move out. A few months before I turned 18, I started to feel I was ‘growing up’ (this time a lot more adult than I thought I was being) I started searching online for new furniture as mine I had since I was only young and I was sure that needed to go! Just before my 18th Birthday my mother and I went to NEXT Home stores and I found the perfect furniture to go with my ‘selfie’ personality.. Mirrored everything! I then matched the mirrored furniture with a velvet bed and storage box, which completed my room to perfection.

I believe it’s important when designing your room to make it more personal. If your room is more personal to you, you’ll enjoy your own space more. Places I would recommend checking out are

Next Home & Garden, Furniture Village, Debenhams and John Lewis Home & Garden for furnishings and The Range for small personal things. For cheap bedding I recommend Crazy Price Beds, I bought my  first bed from here and it’s perfect! I do not recommend places such as Ikea, as you find Ikea furniture at almost every household in the U.K. (No offence), places such as Next have a smaller market than Ikea and you’re less likely to have the same furniture as someone you know. Make your room more personal to you, if you would like desk space in your bedroom to work in the privacy of your own room, by all means make it happen. Enjoying your bedroom/room space is essential in changing your mood day to day. If you’re spending time in a room with little to no effort in and no personality you’ll find you don’t spend very much time in there and if you do, you don’t enjoy it so much. Having your own personal space is also rewarding and tells people a lot about your personality.

Hope I’ve given you words of encouragement to make your room more personal!