What I Use To Edit My Pictures

Photo editing is everywhere!
Firstly, the steps to taking a good photograph is having good lighting, good background and if you can, follow the rule of thirds, if you know you know.

My absolute favourite app to use is VSCOcam, I use the filters on there and on the odd occasion I may buy extra filters on there. Most of my photographs use the same filter.

I also use Afterlight sometimes, the app also has amazing filters! http://afterlight.us

Facetune is another app I use, my favourite thing to use is the defocus, so that the background is less focused and it almost looks like photographs are used in Portrait mode on iPhone or taken on a DSLR camera. It makes the photograph look more professional and professional pictures get more attention! http://www.facetuneapp.com

Facetune also has a Facetune 2 which has different editing techniques which others might like to try, however I think FaceTune 2 has more face altering and more, it’s not something I am interested in so I stick to the original Facetune.

Here are some photographs I’ve edited: