5 Random Facts About Me – Get To Know Naimáh

Hey friends! I thought I’d share a little about myself since this blog is primarily all things I’ve learnt and experienced and to encourage you (my readers) and help you along the way. It wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t get to know me even just a little bit. So, I thought I’d share some facts about me.

1. I’m a fussy eater

There’s so many foods I will not eat. Anything that looks remotely strange will not pass my mouth. I cannot stand certain textures and I avoid certain fruit and vegetables. A lot of time, in order for me to eat foods I am not keen on within a meal, it will have to be blended.

2. I have a reaction to… insect bites

When on holiday or even in the UK during summer time, I hate to be outdoors in the evening as that’s the time all the mosquito’s come out etc. If I’m bitten I’m usually safe for the night, however, I’ll wake up the next morning with large sized bites. My bites swell up to the size of a flat cotton wool leaving me with red raised skin and they usually stay there for at least a week.

3. I have a thing for Italian

I looooove pasta! Italian food is my all time favourite. Pizza’s, Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, etc.. If you don’t know a restaurant to take me too, Italian is your safest bet. Although I do love Chicken so anywhere with Chicken is safe too, however I’d most likely prefer Italian 😉

4. I refuse to let anyone cut my hair..

When I was just a toddler, I used to pick my hair a lot.. So much so that picking it would leave me with bold patches and I’d pull whole plaits out of my hair. My mum then decided she would shave all of my hair off; which did get rid of my terrible habit. Now 18 years later, my hair is thick and long, however I refuse to get it trimmed. I always feel that if my hair is trimmed a significant amount of length will be lost and I want my hair to be as long as anything.

5. I love taking photographs.

I’ve had my canon camera since 2010! A few years beforehand I used to want a DSLR so bad! I loved the idea of taking amazing photographs with an amazing camera. I also loved the idea of becoming a model, and having a camera inspired me even more. I would practise out photoshoots etc. Before, I used to love being behind the camera, now I love being in-front of it even more!