3 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self…

Be Yourself!

Whilst in secondary school I had very little confidence. I was always true to myself but I felt I made certain parts of me shy away from who I really am because I felt the more of me I had shown, the less I’d be liked. I didn’t feel as though I needed to be popular or anything, it was an inner issue because I was bullied, I didn’t want to make myself a ‘bigger target’. However, if you truly are yourself and you don’t care what others think you’ll be much happier in life because that’s what you deserve.

Put Yourself First.

There’s been a lot of decisions in my life where I’ve put other people first, when in reality I should have put myself first. I feel as though if I made certain decisions based on what would make me happy my life would have panned out a lot differently. A decision like moving to uni, putting myself first in terms of relationships and knowing when it’s beneficial to my happiness or not.. etc.

Don’t Stress!

When I was younger I used to stress about going to school and what kind of day I’d have. Stress about the wellbeing of my family members. I would stress about family in general, I felt I had many responsibilities and I looked at other people’s lives and compared them to my own. I stressed about my intelligence and if I would make it to college and even university. I stressed about a lot of things and I now think I was stressing over nothing, I didn’t need to stress about any of those things but I took it upon myself to do so. In this current moment in time I believe I have a lot more to stress about now, more meaningful things that I perhaps need to stress about, unlike before, I didn’t need too.