Review: Lavinia Zara Brand

Me and my sister have received some products from Lavinia Zara Brand and wanted to share thoughts on this company. I love to purchase eyelashes and desire the look they give, however I’ve found that they are uncomfortable for me to wear so it’s unusual for me to wear them and they just sit around in my beauty drawer. The lashes I’ve received from Lavinia Zara feel so light and it’s almost like they aren’t there, they are so natural looking and feel amazing! The lashes are 100% mink and are absolutely perfect. They aren’t too fiddly to put on and will last me ages!

My sister received a nail polish in one of her favourite colours. The quality of the nail polish is long lasting and the colour looks amazing, really pigmented and shimmery. She absolutely adores the nail polish and will definitely be getting another one.

This brand not only does Nail polish and eyelashes, but they also have hair products and a range of hair extensions that you can have done by the company itself! Check them out.

(Instagram: @r_e_l_l_e)

Company details:

Instagram: @laviniazarabrand
Instagram: @laviniazaraprofessionalhair