10 Things To Focus On Before The New Year

1. Love yourself — Love all of you. Try to build more confidence in yourself. Understand that you are not perfect, nobody is, however you are a perfect you. Believe in yourself and know what you’re truly worth.

2. Remember you can do anything — Whatever it is you want to do with your life, don’t stop there. Keep pushing for all the dreams you want, because you honestly can do anything you put your mind too. You can get that job, you can get into whatever college or university. Believe in yourself strongly and don’t hold back.

3. Do what makes you happy — Live life for you and you only. Be around people who make you happy, do things that make you happy and more. You only get one chance at this life and you need to make it the best it can be. Always put yourself first.

4. Don’t be afraid — Take risks, if you plan to do something specific next year and aren’t sure how to get there don’t be afraid to take risks. You may have to leave what you’re currently doing, struggle for a little while just to reach where you are. Start that business you wanted to start, invest your money into it, but don’t be afraid.. (point 2) Remember you can do anything.

5. What is your success — Do not compare your life to others. Success for you will be different for everybody else. Your success could be passing a test. Many think of success as having a job that pays extremely well. But success is anything YOU have been successful at. Be happy with your success and continue to be successful.

6. Listen to music that makes you feel good — Feel good music is crutial. Music is so powerful and is everywhere. Listening to music that motivates you or makes you feel good can really help you make good decisions and can also help with your moods and inspires you to make good choices (point 3) to do what makes you happy.

7. Follow your heart/ religion — Whatever you strongly feel or believe in, really try and focus on this so it’s something you adapt on in the new year. If you want to focus more on your religion, really dedicate yourself to it, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and this is also a success. Wether your heart is telling you something and you’re too afraid to reach out for it, really reach as far as you can. Grasp everything wholeheartedly, life will change when you follow your heart.

8. Be positive — Always remain positive and keep positive people around you. It’s so important to speak positive things because then positive things will happen. Speaking things into existence is really real, it happens everyday and you can honestly change the life you live if you speak of the future and the present positively.

9. Treat people how you want to be treated — Always remain kind, whilst I said speaking things into existence is real, so is Karma. Karma is not all bad, there is good Karma too. Remain honest, faithful, kind, loving etc. The good Karma will come back to you.

10. Do whatever you want in life — Finally, do you. As I mentioned before this is your life and only you live it. Do what makes you happy. Love yourself. Follow your heart or your religion. Don’t be afraid. Be positive. Remember your success and that you can do anything. Listen to music that makes you feel amazing and lastly remember there is good Karma.

Naimah xo