Start The Year of With Positivity.

Most people start of a new year with many resolutions and within the first week they stop sticking to it! I say to start off this new decade, throw away your resolutions & focus on the present. Overcome whatever you need to overcome and change whatever you need to change but do it at your own pace.

Remember, nothing changes overnight; that also applies to you. You cannot simply change overnight, it’s a process. In order to properly achieve what you’ve set out to achieve you need to be patient with yourself.

I also believe people should stop focusing on changing themselves as New Year resolutions, but to simply change the way they are living. You as a person are changing everyday through experiences and what life is teaching you, you’re forever growing. For example, If you find that you’ve been struggling financially, perhaps it’s time to focus on finding a new job and seek something more fulfilling for yourself that will help you financially and emotionally, as sometimes financial strain can be emotionally draining. If you’re finding that you’re struggling with fatigue, or maybe insomnia, there’s ways around it, start going to the gym in the evenings to make yourself more tired, practise yoga and many other alternatives.

Being positive is also acknowledging that you aren’t perfect and things aren’t going to be rosy all the time. But in every situation know there is a solution and focus on the good that is coming. I truly believe that once you’ve found your positive side, you’re onto the pursuit of happiness.

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