A Letter Of Encouragement To My Future Self In 2022.

Firstly, Happy New Year! May this year be filled with an abundance of blessings for you.
It’s so important for people to look back on their progress in life. Writing this today and looking back at it in 2022 will be an emotional rollercoaster. However, I intend to look back at it with nothing but progress from this point onwards. 365 days is a long time and so much can happen in that time. People need to remember to be kinder to themselves, to treat themselves how they would treat those they love, compliment themselves like they would those they love and to praise themselves like they do their loved ones. So I plan to look back at this on the 4th January 2022 with my heart filled with happiness, love, and faith. I hope you can gain inspiration from this letter and that it will encourage you to write one to your future self.

4th January 2021.

Dear Naimah,

It’s 2022 now and you’ve made it through what seems like the most difficult part of your life. I’m here to tell you that things did gradually get better and the only way is up. You’ve loved and lost, you’ve experienced heartbreak, you’ve lost your confidence along the way, a lot in the past has affected you. But I’m here to remind you that you got through it all and you were still standing strong.

Regardless of what life has thrown at you, you’ve always remained yourself. You need to take credit for that. You’ve never let anybody change you. Dad would be proud of you. You’re about to start a new job next week and it’s something you’ve been wanting for ages, I guarantee you Dad is proud of that too. I hope you’ve still got the same hope and faith that you do right now. I hope you’re still at peace.

I know that you still cry because you miss Dad, that’s inevitable.. But remember that day on Christmas Eve in 2020 when you randomly started singing ‘I was Here’ by Beyonce. That was a message, he’s at peace and you should be too. I hope you always remember that.

I hope you’re still continuing to put yourself first and look after yourself. You’re telling people to do that all the time, it’s time you practised what you preach. There’s so much posibility right now life could be going anyhow for you but nethertheless, the old you is proud of what you would have overcome in your 24 years of life.

Please continue to make sure your credit score is perfect like you always do, your dream house isn’t far away if you haven’t already got it. And please, please don’t change your mind about what kind of wedding dress you want in the future.. You’ve been thinking about it for the longest time! Who knows, you’re probably planning when you’re going to have a baby with the love of your life because I know 25 was your ideal time but that may change and it’s okay because 26, 27, 28 and 29 is an okay time too. Life isn’t a race.

No matter what happens in life, remember your mental health is important and you must always do whats best for you. Never be afraid to ask for help and always be honest with yourself about how you are doing and coping. You are not a burden as I know you’ve felt that in the past.

Just remember, you’re amazing and don’t ever stop being you.




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