Life in Lockdown: Part 1

Those of you in the UK will know, Boris Johnson has announced another national lockdown to start 2021 with. If you’ve looked at my “2020 in A Nutshell” you’ll know how our first ever lockdown went for me and the difficulties I faced throughout the year. So I’m about to start a new Life in Lockdown to share with you my experience and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you can relate (because let’s face it, we’re all in the same boat.. and it’s sinking!)

From the 11th of January I will be working from home. Long story short, I got a job offer at the end of 2020 that I am super happy with and it’s absolutely fantastic in terms of pay, promotion prospects, employee benefits and so much more. Thanks Lockdown for giving me ample time to do this 😉 (Yep, we’re using emoji’s now.) This will be my first ever time WFH. It kind of feels like being back at University again whilst not in lectures, doing my work from my bedroom on my Macbook. My workplace will be providing me with a work laptop and some other equipment. So far I spend most of my time on FaceTime to my lovely lighthouse (lover) or sending emails back and forth to the HR Team at my new employer to set everything up. This is going to be such a new experience for me. Many of you may already have been working from home so it’s become pretty normal to you now but this is going to be a whole different ball game for me.

I can remember once the announcement was made by Boris the comments on social media on how the Prime Minister has handled this pandemic poorly was everywhere! I don’t really have much to say about the matter. Since losing my father in the first lockdown and my mother also being in ICU due to Covid-19 not much can phase me, I’ve been through the worst I could have possibly felt throughout this pandemic. On the other hand, I was starting to lose my mind because I felt I had no purpose and the days were becoming far too repetative!

I’m currently trying to get into a routine before I start working in a few days, wake up 7:30 every day, start work for 9am. Lunchtime at 12pm and finish work at 5pm to then have dinner. In the evenings I’m going to try and watch a movie or watch 2 episodes a day of whatever takes my fancy at the time, such as: The Crown, Bridgerton, Tiny Pretty Things etc. Bedtime no later than 11pm. Not to mention all that other stuff in between like bathtime and more. There’s nothing exciting going on at the moment other than watching 101million things on Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime. I feel as though I’m running out of options. This weekend I plan to watch all the Christmas films I wanted to watch over the Christmas period but never actually had the chance too that’s if home life doesn’t consume me.

I used to work crazy hours so I’m slightly nervous that I will be able to get back into worklife so will enjoy the next few days whilst I can. Being Jobless throughout the latter part of the pandemic was much needed for me, it’s been 4 months not working now and I feel that’s been enough of a mental health break. So much for me to work on still but so much improvement in that time. I haven’t left the house or seen anybody in what seems like forever, I don’t even go on walks.. It’s constanly looking at the same walls and the same view from the windows (which is a beautiful view btw). The only excitement I do get is changing my bedding because it’s a whole different look for my bed LOL (my bed and I have a wonderful relationship).

One thing I will say, is that this whole Pandemic has taught me so much. It’s been a time of loneliness and really learning to be comfortable with being on my own and comfortable with myself in general.

How is lockdown going for you? Have you learnt anything? Are you working from home too? What’s your favourite thing to do to pass time? Share in the comments.


  1. It’s nice to know that you are now standing up and walking a new path which I’m sure will be full of wonderful and meaningful journeys. You are so much stronger and wiser than I was at your age!!! 🥰🤗


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