5 Things I’ll Be Doing Differently This Year

In reflection of last year, I’ve listed 5 things I plan to do differently this year and will recap how this is going throughout the year. Instead of giving myself New Years resolutions which are hard to stick too, I find it much easier to change habits I already have and take a different approach to things.

1. Consitently blogging.
If you’ve looked on my archive page or scrolled down my home page to the very first posts, you’ll know that I haven’t been very consistent as a blogger. I also deleted a lot of my content because it really didn’t ‘fit’ with the current me. I’ve grown. Blogging means a whole different thing to me now, it’s a release of my thoughts and feelings and almost a ‘safe space’ which I adore! I love that I can write and know that someone out there will find what I’m writing useful or even interesting. This year, I plan to be consistent with my blog as coping mechanism for myself but also a way to get closer to you guys as my readers (friends). For others, blogging may look like writing a diary or in a planner or even writing what you are grateful for each day or each week, or even every fortnite.

2. Looking after myself more often.
2020 was ROUGH! 2021 is looking rather sheepish so it’s time to make sure we’re all taking care of ourselves. For me, looking after myself would be to take the necessary breaks I need throughout the year, to make sure I have quiet time every week to reflect; kind of like a meditation time. Praying, lots of praying and expressing my inner feelings. Taking the time to pamper myself in many different ways, all that kind of stuff. I plan to when the time is right and the gyms start opening, to get back into working out like I used too. So many things I’ve been depriving myself of for such a long time.

3. Changing my routine.
Routine changes are hard, I went from working 5 days a week to being unemployed and doing nothing for a few months and then started this year with a job again, 5 days a week. My routine has changed drastically but I’m determined to get into the routine of a regular bedtime and making sure I’m getting 8+hours of sleep every night with the same morning alarm each day. (I use Bedtime on my iPhone for this, they have such peaceful alarms too). I also like to write stuff down so getting a 2021 planner and making sure I’m keeping up to my work deadlines and also taking notes. Also tying into the self reflection time and setting aside times each day for the needed things for my own wellbeing. Making sure I’m eating 3 meals a day etc.

4. Saying ‘I love you’ a lot more.
I remember thinking ‘I wonder if dad knew how much I love him’ and he most likely does, but I want to make it a habit of saying I love you a whole lot more than I did before. Sharing how I feel about my family and friends and my nearest and dearest. Making sure to never go to bed angry and to forgive deeply and let go. Those three words are so important and it’s not something you can ever say enough.

5. Getting rid of clutter.
A messy environment gives me a messy mind. So this year I’ve decided it’s time to properly declutter and make it become my little side hussle. Previously I used to sell my unused items on Depop and Shpock but this year I’m going to make the habit of selling a new item at least every week. There’s so much for me to declutter, in terms of clothing, items, furniture and all sorts. So if you’re on the lookout for cheap things, click the shop links on my page and you can purchase some of my items. Hopefully soon I can share with you before and after pictures of how much I’ve decluttered from my home.

With love,
Nai x

Is there anything you’ll be doing differently this year? Can you relate to anything I’ve decided to do differently?

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