5 Self Care Ideas To Try This Easter.

Easter is approaching and what’s better than using this time to take care of yourself? – Since we’re quite limited on what we can do, there’s no better time to implement some self care than now! I’ve looked at 5 ways I can practise self care this easter and thought I’d share with you too!

1. Decluttering

Some find it super difficult to declutter, I am one of those people. I have horder tendancies and I got that from my parents. The amount in our household is overwhelming but there’s no better feeling than having completed a job and seeing the results. Decluttering can be a good stress reliever and also bring back fond memories. If you’ve ever watched “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix you’ll know just how cluttered peoples homes can become. You can learn some great decluttering hacks from that show, that’s for sure. Decluttering doesn’t have to be within your household, it can be your social media, your facebook friends list, your emails, your contacts, all sorts of things. That could be unfollowing accounts on social media that don’t bring you positivity, unfollow those you keep comparing yourself too and following/friending accounts that bring nothing but positivity and happiness.

2. Take a Social Media break

Speaking of social media, it’s good to take a break sometimes. Social media can have us in a constant world of comparison which is never good for anyones mental state. I’ve compared myself many of times and at times I have to reflect and realise that I’m doing well and my life is my life and not the life of others.

Taking a break from social media is beneficial in so many ways and I recommend doing it at the very least twice a year. Easter is an amazing time to just detox from social media and spend that time with loved ones being fully present. You’ll be surprised how easily you’ll forget about your phone and posting photos for other peoples approval and become content with the time that you’re enjoying.

3. Pampering/Grooming session

“Self care isn’t selfish” – And that’s absolutely right! Self care also doesn’t have to be by yourself. Spend a specific day relaxing and pampering yourself and your partner, or whoever you live with. You can both or all play your part in an at home spa day. Take out all your favourite beauty products you never get the time to properly use along with your favourite skincare. Give each other hand massages, feet massages, take care of each other. Paint each others nails (If you’re chilling with the girls throughout Easter) get into the self care routine with those around you and make it a wonderful relaxing experience. You can end the day with a wonderful film and some popcorn.

4. Meditate (or daily affirmations)

As of lately I’ve been meditating before bed when as a way of destressing. I tend to only meditate when I’m having a bad day but I’m hoping to get into the habit of meditating daily. Meditation has provided amazing stress relief for me on days that I feel overwhelmed. I have this amazing app that allows you to just listen to natural sounds and drift out of your current mental state and pick up a relaxing state of mind. The app is called Sanity&SelfAlthough this app is for women only, sorry guys.. On the plus side, there are multiple apps out there that do similar. I’ve practised mindfulness in many cases, through anxiety classes, therapy sessions and more. Mindfulness is great but if you’re anything like me it can sometimes be a little awkward in front of others and once I’m completely relaxed I can fall asleep (and snore!)
If you’re struggling with how to effectively meditate, drop me a message or you can find helpful tips online.

This Easter is also a perfect time to practise daily affirmations. You can get up in the morning, take a look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are ‘the shit‘, not literally of course, and in a good way. Give yourself the affirmations you need in order to bring back some self love and positivity. You could also try writing down each day something you are grateful for.

5. Baking

Bake yourself some easter goodies to have over the Easter weekend!
There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked cupcakes & cake! 🧁 spend an hour making something you haven’t made before. Baking doesn’t necessarily have to be cupcakes/cakes, but can be anything! Put yourself to the test and try something completely new. Baking and being creative with what you’re making is a such a mood enhancer! The moment you reveal it and receive praise for how lovely it is will contribute to such a wonderful Easter.

Take care of yourself this Easter and enjoy!


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