To My Father – Father’s Day Edition

A little something for my Father.

Cheers to the man who I admire. The man who gave me insight into how a man should treat a woman. Cheers to the man who loved me unconditionally and forever will be within my heart. Happy Father’s Day up in Heaven Papa!

To my Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day. I love you.
I miss your sense of humour, your caring and considerate ways.

I miss the way you’d fall asleep sitting up in the chair almost every day.

I miss that you’d sit and watch documentaries with me.

I miss the way you’d always complain that you can’t see,

I miss the way your glasses would sit at the bottom of your nose.

I miss the way you’d wind up mum and I’d always get involved.

I miss that you would always have my back,

I miss that I always had you keeping me on track.

I miss the unconditional love you’ve shown throughout my life.

I miss the way you’d show everyone how much you loved your wife.

I miss the way I would sit right up behind you on the sofa.

I miss the drawings you would draw of your point of view,

I’m thankful you encouraged me to photograph, draw and sew.

I’m grateful that you believed in all my hopes and dreams.

I’m sad that I no longer have you supporting me.

I’m writing this to express my gratitude and my pain, I miss you everyday dad, your life will never be in vain.

Thank you for being my Hero daddy.

Naimáh Elaine McKie.

“I’ve been missing you for 10,000 hours. I cannot let go, 10,000 memories.”

Jhené Aiko


  1. My daughter, what a beautiful sentiment and poem. Your dad will forever be watching over you that I know and he would also be so very proud of you and what you have achieved.

    Love Mummy. 🙏🏾♥️🤗


  2. Thinking of you today. This poem made me tear up it’s such a lovely way to mark the day and I know unc Barry would love it and be so proud. Love you loads 💞


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