Choose Peace; Every. Single. Time.

I’ve always had a hard time putting myself first: it’s something that’s been within me for the longest time. I burn myself out trying to light the way for others and it’s only bought on a repetitive cycle of mental health issues. In the past 5 years I’ve experienced things in life that have required me to choose peace above everything. As standard, we all make difficult decisions and sometimes wrong ones, but finding peace with the decision you made at the time is what helps you to grow as an individual, by truly understanding yourself. I wanted to write this blog post to encourage those who read this to always choose peace.

Put yourself first, at all costs.
Numerous times I’ve put myself last. I’ve gone through phases of loving myself less and less and less. Catering to the needs of others before my own, and whilst it’s a good thing to be caring & considerate of others, it’s left me feeling rather unfulfilled. It’s super important to always put yourself first, your best you will be the best you for those you love and care about. It brings so much growth and when you really take care of yourself, you’ll really feel at peace.

To choose peace doesn’t mean to suppress your feelings.
I’ve seen conversations on social media where people have been gaslighted into thinking “Instead of you always having to voice your opinion, for the sake of the argument why can’t you just let it go.” I would never ever recommend choosing to keep the peace with others if there is something that’s bothering you. Those who love and care about you will never encourage you to suppress how you feel to ‘keep the peace‘. Choosing peace within yourself is knowing that you can express your feelings and can engage with others where disagreements do not necessarily cause arguments and you can be at peace knowing you’ve spoken your truth.

So many times I thought I was dying, but really I was getting ready to bloom!

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Meditate, Pray, Manifest.
Do whichever helps you the most. Even if it’s all three, do it. Meditation is a good way to feel at peace within your mind. For some it can bring comfort, for others it helps to calm the mind that spirals out of control every now and then (like myself). Praying brings a type of comfort too, whoever your spiritual God is, talk to him/her. Treat them as a best friend that you can express anything too and always know you aren’t going to be judged, almost like another way of feeling free within yourself to be who you really are. That’s what being at peace is. Manifest the life that you want, ask for it and you shall receive it. Live life at peace knowing what’s for you will always find its way.

Listen to music that touches you.
I’ve found that listening to music that really resonates with how I feel about life and during certain phases of my life have helped to really bring out the emotions within me and help me to understand how I feel. If you’ve ever listened to a song that’s made you cry because it’s touched the very core of your heart and you really feel what you’re hearing, there’s a healing within that. As much as it can make you emotional, you’re allowing yourself to really feel those emotions and to set them free; even if it means revisiting that emotion every so often when you listen to the song, it’s still and will always be, emotional growth.

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If it no longer serves you, it’s time to let it go.

Let go.
I remember a time in my life where I would grasp hold of those in my life in order to keep them there. I spent time compromising myself for others. In order to really be at peace, love myself wholeheartedly, focus on myself with all my being, I had to let go of many things. I had to let go of friends, lovers, habits, heartaches, material belongings that may remind me of any negative time in my life and so much more. It is very valuable and such a power move to be able to let things go.

How do you find peace? If this can encourage you to choose peace in your life and gain self development, that is all I could dream of sharing. Sending peace your way.

Lots of love,
Nai x

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