Organisation Tips I’ll Be Trying This Year

I like to think I’m organised, but when looking through ways to stay organised and on track – I realised there’s still a lot of habits I need to acknowledge before I can become an organised babe. If you’ve looked at my previous posts, you’ll have come to know I’ve started using a planner to become more organised etc. I’d definitely love to organise my time better so that when I am working I can get more done and manage my work-life balance effectively. Here’s what I learnt through my research and practise into becoming more organised.

Write things down.

Writing things down is something I have finally been practising to do, with the help of my trusty planner (which is the reasons for me asking for one). Upon trying to be more organised, I decided a planner would help me in scheduling my time and writing down deadlines etc. I feel once something is written down it’s also planted in your head and you’re more likely to stick to the script.

Forget procrastination.

I am a big procrastinator – I love to have the intention of doing something but when it comes to actually doing something I get easily distracted by… Oh, I can quickly do this first or whilst I’m sat here why don’t I quickly watch… You can call that distraction, but really I’ve been procrastinating because doing said task isn’t really desired. It’s important to really commit yourself to the task that’s at hand. I’ve found that writing in my planner every night and setting tasks for the next day helps me to stay on track and commit myself because if I do not complete the tasks written, I must write down reasons why.

If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.

– Olin Miller
Give all your belongings a home.

By giving all your belongings a home – you leave less room for clutter. “A messy environment is a messy mind.” Decluttering regularly means room for new items that are required and removal of things that aren’t. Keeping only what you need is an essential part of staying organised. Organisation isn’t just about where you place items, but also organising your time – which can be managed much better in a tidier space/environment where you can locate items & documents easily. Knowing where to get rid of your belongings or paperwork etc is also beneficial, keeping things to a minimum and consuming less time means more time for other tasks.

Preparation: preparing things in advance

Preparing things in advance can also tie in with scheduling your time and making deadlines etc. Planning your time effectively and making sure that you’re doing said things at required times and making sure you completing things by a certain time also helps with the preparations. Making it easier to then move onto the things you’ve prepared to do next – having your book out and ready for your writing, or making sure you’ve prepared your outfit the night before so you have less to worry about in the morning on the way to your first day at your new job.. Preparing stops you from rushing.

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Have a clear mindset/approach.

Keeping a clear mindset is so important when it comes to getting things done. Anxiety can hinder what you can do and making sure you’re clear headed at the start and end of each day can make a huge difference. Things that I find can help me to keep the anxious thoughts out of my mind is finding inspiration – if the things your tasked to do have been inspired by something it’s a lot more easier to focus in and get things done through inspiration. Keeping the area around you minimalistic and clean, like mentioned earlier in regards to clutter being around a clean and minimalistic environment leaves less room for messy thoughts. Frequent exercise and/or meditation can help you keep a clear mind and help you stay in focus – these are things you can do as frequently as you wish, but being disciplined with it will help you with your organisation. Lastly, taking some tech free time – I always say taking social media breaks is pivotal when it comes to keeping a clear headspace, we often get caught up in what others are doing with life. Taking frequent breaks can help you focus on you.

What are your top tips for staying organised?


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