What’s In My Bag – Blogger Edition

As you’ll all know, Vogue do a ‘In the Bag’ series on YouTube. A look into celebrities bags that they carry around with them on a daily. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog so I thought I’d take part in Vogue’s ‘In the Bag’ since I’m such a handbag lover and I didn’t take part in it when it was a trend. So here’s to being super behind! Cheers.

Beauty Essentials

My top 4 Fenty Beauty Glosses
  • For the past year, I’ve always had my favourite Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in my bag. In the shade ‘Hot Chocolit’ – and if I’m on a night out a collection of my Fenty Beauty Glosses. This is my most favourite glosses, from the way they look to how the feel on the lip, I definitely take them everywhere.
  • Mascara – I take a mascara with me in my bag, because you just never know when you’ll need it. I’m someone who likes to leave the house with no makeup on and sometimes a little mascara and gloss goes a long way.
  • Hand cream – I’ve always got some sort of hand cream in my bag. Currently I have the Soap and Glory hand cream, which I sometimes apply to different parts of my skin if ever it needs a little lotion.

The Essentials

  • ID – I always, always carry my ID with me. My mother has installed in me from young that carrying your ID is so important. Giving those access to identify you in emergency situations and just the need to identify yourself from gaining entry to places (for example a last minute night out) or even buying something age restricted.
  • iPhone – My iPhone is with me everywhere I go and rightly so. Method of communication whenever you’re away from home so loved ones can get in touch is necessary, my phone also has means for payment, emergency contacts, emergency SOS, all those other things the modern mobile can do & I never leave the house without it. If it’s not in my bag, it’s in my hand.
  • If it isn’t my purse with ALL my possible cards in it, I’d carry my little card holder. This comes with me everywhere, this holds my membership cards, my bank cards, cash, my ID, receipts, the lot.
  • The Major Key – my car keys and my house keys, I do tend to separate the two & don’t have them attached so at times I can leave the house with just my house key. And I place them together at times when I need both.

Other stuff

  • AirPods – you never know when you’ll need them. Phone calls, music, podcasts, the lot.
  • Power bank – on the long days out where I may not have access to charging my phone or I’m not with my car, I always take a power bank.
  • Access Key Card – my key card/ID for work is usually located in my bag if it’s not hanging around my neck.
  • Apple Watch Strap – I always take a spare Apple Watch strap with me as sometimes I like to switch from the rubber band to my silver watch strap and vice versa.




  1. 🙂 You are a very smart lady. It is nice to see that you invested your money in a power bank (That means your iPhone will always have an available power source to get a charge from).

    Do enjoy the rest of your day.

    Liked by 1 person

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