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‘Content Creator, Blogger, Administrator & Freelance Model.
BA Honours in Broadcast Television and Media Production.’
Blog by Naimah McKie is a Lifestyle & Wellbeing blog.

Welcome to my blog!!
I’m so glad you’re here. I created my blog as a way to express myself in 2016, things that I never intended to share but to write and keep in my drafts forever! One day I suddenly had the courage to publish a post. I made the transition to WordPress in December 2020; so I’m new here & I love it so far.
I write a lot about mental health, wellbeing, how to attain your desired lifestyle, beauty and all sorts along the way. You can expect to find topics such as My Experience: Laser Eye Surgery (2 Months P.O) – Optical Express to things super super personal such as My Experience: Growing Up Black In The UK. My content will always be relatable to someone, somehow. I hope my writing can guide you and inspire in some way.

You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter with the username @naimahmckie
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With love, Nai x


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