5 Things to Leave in 2021 for a Better 2022.

This year, I’m manifesting a year filled with love, health, happiness, blessings and so much more. I truly believe in the power of manifestation and speaking things into existence so that’s what I’m doing for this year. There’s a few mistakes I’ve made along the way in my journey – these are a few of the things that should be left behind in 2021. Let’s go!

Self Doubt

Is self doubt something that you do in pretty much every aspect of life?.. Same. When you doubt yourself from the very beginning you’re already hindering whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. Self doubt can also make anxiety and depression worsen or can lead to axiety and depression. Self doubt can also lead to imposter syndrome and you want to be authentically your best self. Just remember that self doubt in moderation can be good, as it shows you know what you may need to improve in order to do better.

Self Sabotaging

Ever self sabotaged something that is good for you in belief that you don’t deserve it? It comes in line with the self doubt – but the sabotaging is a lot worse. You’ve met your prince charming and he sweeps you off your feet, but you suddenly think this is too good to be true and as a defence mechanism, you push him away in the most ridiculous ways possible. I’ve been there and I’ve learnt that in fact, I do deserve the happiness given to me and once I realised and stop self sabotaging I can get back to being unapologetically happy and free.

Unnecessary Guilt

Guilt is something we’ll all experience in life – but unnecessary guilt can be helped. Knowing the difference between feeling guilty like when you’ve done something wrong and when you shouldn’t feel guilty is key. Here are just a few things you shouldn’t feel guilty for:
– Saying no
– Putting yourself first
– Taking a break when needed
– Doing what’s best for YOU
– Being happy
– Moving on

You get the gist, unnecessary guilt can also take root in response to things you don’t have any control over. Don’t let guilt catch you off guard.


I’m sure you’ve heard ‘Comparison is the thief of joy‘, because if you haven’t, where have you been? Comparison can lead to imposter syndrome, unhappiness and can also make you feel like you’re behind in this ‘race called life‘. In actuality, you’re right where you need to be and your story is individual to YOU and you only. Social media is a big culprit for comparison, every day people are posting the highlights of their lives and not the everyday realities of life – making you believe they’re living this fantastic life that you’re wishing you could have. I’d recommend taking regular breaks from social media and taking focus on your own life to limit any comparison. Truly believe in your own journey through life and don’t compare yourself to others.


No more excuses in 2022! I didn’t take the trash out because… because… I was busy. Nope, that will not do!
In 2022, we need to be taking accountability for all that we do in the matter of personal growth. We need to stop making excuses for the things we have and haven’t done. No more excuses for how we feel about ourselves and about our own abilities – you can do anything if you put your mind to it, the excuses will hold you back. No more excuses as to why you don’t deserve certain things, no excuses as to why you can’t fight for what you believe in and what you want. Excuses are a blessing blocker, don’t let it take your blessings from you. Don’t find excuses as to why you shouldn’t love yourself. Excuses of any kind, leave it behind.

What things would you like to leave in 2021 for a better 2022?

Let’s make 2022 even better. Happy New Year friends! ♡

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